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About our SLA, DLP, LCD and Inkjet 3D resins

3Dresyns is giving solutions to existing customers and market unmet needs

All our SLA, DLP, LCD and Inkjet 3Dresyns can be ordered on line in just few clicks

Choose "any color, any material, any finish, any application and any SLA, DLP, LCD and Inkjet printer".

Choose your Shore hardness for your application:

Most of our SLA 3Dresyns are compatible with Form 2 & 3 and with most SLA, DLP & LCD 3D printers.

Discover our new 3Dresyns "like" best conventional engineering plastics

Any basic, special, custom, bio and stable colors can be ordered in just few clicks (click on the icons):


Customised resins can be designed to meet your specifications

Our 3D resins exhibit these properties, advantages, and benefits:

  • broadest range of 3D materials "resins", including "monomer free" ultra safe biocompatible functional resins
  • broadest range of applications
  • broadest range of basic, special, bio and stable colors
  • broadest color range: select your own custom color (any RAL/NCS color can me made)*
  • broadest range of physical properties from ultra hard, and tough to flexible, soft and elastic grades: 
  • 100% foldable, stretchable and twistable without breaking of hard and tough, flexible, flexible, soft and elastic grades
  • bio-based and biocompatible grades
  • excellent print quality and compatibility with all UV/Visible SLA, DLP and LCD 3D printers
  • high resolution c.10-20 microns 
  • high clarity of clear grades
  • low viscosity without color sedimentation
  • low shrinkage
  • extreme low adhesion on FEP & PDMS resin tanks (vats)
  • odorless and safe
  • increase durability of resin tanks
  • shelf life not affected by air moisture
  • easy and fast cleaning of 3D prints and resin tanks (vat) with tap water of water cleanable WC renewable grades
  • water soluble 3D printed resins availability for making sacrificial molds for plastic injection molding, CIM and MIM
  • durable and biodegradable grades
  • organo-tin and epoxy free
  • Customisation services to meet your performance needs 

*Choose any RAL or NCS custom color from a color guide, a color reader or from any digital color app.  We will make custom color 3Dresyns for you!

We offer a custom color service where customers can choose their desired custom RAL or NCS color.



We offer the widest range of functional and biocompatible photopolymer 3D resins for the 3D printing market.

Our wide range of physical properties, from ultra hard and tough to flexible and elastic have excellent cure speed and mechanical properties. Our hard and flexible, flexible, soft and elastic resins are 100% foldable and can be twisted and stretched  without breaking. Our elastic grades have extreme elasticity and memory, recovering to their original shape after elongation.

Our 3D resins can be custom designed to fully comply with the Quality requirements for the manufacturing of medical devices (Class I, IIa & IIb and III of ISO13485:2016.

About our Bio-based 3Dresyns

We have the broadest range of safe Bio 3D resins. The basic components of our bio-based 3Dresyns are safe and “green” and are based on natural biological derivatives, which are functionalized to react with light.

Our bio-based 3Dresyns exhibit excellent and similar cure speed and mechanical properties as their synthetic counterparts.

About our Monomer Free MF 3Dresyns

We are the only supplier offering ultra safe monomer free MF resins.As you may know, monomers are small molecules, contained in most 3D resins in the market. They have very low viscosity and consequently they tend to cause skin, eye and mucous irritation. Some of them can cause even damage to organs.

Our monomer free MF 3Dresyns are ultra safe since they do not contain any monomers, which usually cause strong skin and eye irritation.

Examples of 3Dresyns by application:
Our 3Dresyns Perfect Cast have been designed for investment casting applications, including jewelry, dental and other very high detail applications.
Our Orthodontics and Dental 3Dresyns OD are biocompatible 3D resins designed for making orthodontic and dental night guards, aligners, surgical guides,appliances models, gingiva masks, provisional  crown and bridges C&B, etc.
Our 3Dresyns OTO are biocompatible 3D resins designed for making durable hearing aid shells, ear molds, hearing protection and special headsets.

Our 3Dresyns IM are durable and non durable water soluble "sacrificial" 3D resins for printing Injection Molds IM for casting fast, easily and cost effectively a broad range of traditional materials: silicones, waxes, plastics, ceramic feed-stocks (Ceramic Injection Molding CIM), metal feed-stocks (Metal Injection Molding MIM).

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