Free samples of our photoaccelerant Fine Tuner FT1 and of our resolutioner Fine Tuner LB1 Bio will be sent for self-tuning if necessary.

The majority of our 3D resins come as standard ready to print in a broad range of SLA, DLP and LCD printers, providing the light source wavelength is between 250-410 nm. Approximately 90 to 95% of our resins printability will come straight out of the bottle as supplied. You will be pleased to find that even then, the performance (printability and mechanical properties) far exceeds our competitor’s resins in most SLA, DLP and LCD printers.

Our SLA, DLP and LCD 3Dresyns can be fine tuned further with our photoaccelerants and resolution increasers (resolutioners) for self-tuning their printing speed and resolution with different printer types and settings, such as specific light power, exposure time per layer and z layer thickness.
  • Fine Tuner FT1 is our favourite photo accelerant additive recommended for increasing the cure speed of our resins in printers working with UV/Visible  light wavelengths up to 410 nm (250-410 nm range), including 405 nm blue Light-emitting Diodes "LED", lasers and standard DLP projectors and LCDs. 
  • If you are printing opaque colored 3Dresyns with very low power 3D printers or with uv/visible wavelengths up to 420 nm our Fine Tuner FT2 can also be used.
  • If you are printing biocompatible 3Dresyns Fine Tuner FT2P is recommended due to its ultra high hidrophobicity and extremely low water solubility and extractability, despite its lower resolution that Fine Tuner FT1. 
  • Fine Tuner FT4 Bio HP and Fine Tuner FT4 Bio are our 100% biocompatible photo accelerant additives specially recommended for increasing the cure speed of our 3Dresyns in SLA, DLP and monochrome LCD and Inkjet 3D printers working with Ultraviolet and Visible lights from 250 nm up to 500 nm: including the far, medium and near UV range, as well as the visible range (daylight), including visible lasers, LEDS, DLP projectors and daylight visible light sources from 250 nm up to 500 nm, with the benefit of not having any safety issues. Fine Tuner FT4 Bio are ideal for printing biocompatible systems since are ultra safe, not cytotoxic and 100% biocompatible (without any warning labels/ pictograms).
  • If you need Water Soluble WS or HydroPhillic HP 100% biocompatible  photo accelerant additives please click on: Fine Tuner FT5 Bio WS and Fine Tuner FT5 Bio HP
  • Fine Tuners FT4 and FT5 are recommended at relatively high dosage (>6% by weight) for designing 100% biocompatible systems with medium and high power printers >2-8 mW/cm2 
  • discover all our photoaccelerants by clicking here

    Resolution increasers "resolution-ers" for improving resolution and detail of prints:

      • Fine Tuner LB1 Bio is our recommended biocompatible resolution-er for improving XYZ resolution and reduce light bleeding, overcure and "support fusing or merging" beyond specifications of 3D resins in SLA, DLP & LCD printers working with lights from 350 to 410 nm,  including 405 nm blue LEDs, lasers and standard DLP projectors and LCDs. It is a 100% safe biocompatible resolution increaser. An ultra low water absorption version is also available online: Fine Tuner LB1 Bio ULWA
      • Fine Tuner LB2 Bio is our fluorescence free 100% safe biocompatible clear resolution-er. An ultra low water absorption version is also available online: Fine Tuner LB2 Bio ULWA
      • Ultra low water absorption versions are also available online
      • Fine Tuner LB Cyan is our cyan colored resolution-er for improving resolution and fine detail printing of water soluble resins since it does not decrease water solubility.
      • Fine Tuner LB Black is our black colored resolution-er for improving resolution and fine detail printing of non water soluble resins
      • any of our 3Dresyns colors can also be used for increasing the resolution of our 3Dresyns