Properties/Advantages/Benefits of our 3D resins

3Dresyns is giving solutions to existing customers and market unmet needs

Our SLA DLP & LCD 3D resins exhibit these properties, advantages, and benefits:

  • broadest range of materials: plastics, ceramics and metals
  • broadest range of basic and special colors: "stable pigments", without sedimentation
  • select your own custom color (any RAL/NCS color can me made)*
  • broadest range of physical properties from ultra hard, and tough to flexible, soft and elastic grades: mixable 3D resins with predictable properties 
  • 100% foldable, stretchable and twistable without breaking of hard and flexible, flexible, soft and elastic grades
  • bio-based and bio-compatible grades
  • excellent print quality and compatibility with all UV/Visible SLA DLP and LCD 3D printers
      • high resolution below 20 microns fabrication 3D lithography
      • high clarity of clear grades
      • low viscosity without sedimentation
      • low shrinkage
      • extreme low adhesion on Teflon/FEP/PDMS resin tanks (vats)
      • low odor and safe
      • increase durability of resin tanks
      • shelf life not affected by air moisture
      • no postcure is requiered to achieve final properties
      • easy and fast cleaning of 3D prints and resin tanks (vat) with tap water of water cleanable WC renewable grades
      • durable and biodegradable grades
      • organo-tin and epoxy free


      *Choose any RAL or NCS custom color from a color guide, a color reader or from any digital color app.  We will make custom colored 3Dresyns for you!