Cleansing products

Our selection of a whole range of products required to fully cure and cleanse your 3D prints to ensure maximum safety, biocompatibility and optimum mechanical performance properties: 

  • safe cleaning fluid to clean your prints
  • professional light box to fully cure your prints
  • cure tester and purification kit to monitoring the degree of cure and chemically "burn out" any unreacted residual monomers and byproducs

The usage of our cleansing and post curing systems with our 3Dresyns ensure the manufacturing of 100% safe 3D printed materials for safe biomedical applications (class I, II and III) and for any application where handling safety and stabilised performance properties are required to avoid undesired and uncontrolled aging and its consequences: enbrittlement  of prints after certain time.

Our accelerated cleansing and post curing protocol accelerates in less than 1 hour the natural aging of your 3D prints which naturaly occurs in several days.

This is ideal for fast amending and prevention of any excessive undesired enbrittlement by aging, permitting adjustment of the 3Dresyns properties balance until the right and desired final mechanical properties are achieved.

Our Cleaning Fluid Bio, Cure tester and Purification kit have been recently reviewed in Impresion3Daily:

Cleaning Fluid WS1 is an ideal alternative to expensive vapor smoothing systems such as AMT PostPro 3D, since any plastic 3D printed parts can be cleaned and smoothed perfectly by dipping them in Cleaning Fluid WS1. Depending on the dipping time and temperature smoothing can be adjusted to wish.  

Please contact us to consult about our cleansing and postcuring products and services and your specific performance goals at: